Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fox News Officially Picks a Side

Surprise! Fox News is the single biggest financial contributor to the Republican party. Brilliant piece of investigative reporting regarding the Fox News propaganda machine...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Generals Push To Stay In Afghanistan

Surprise! Lives lost, innocent people killed, unaccounted for billions of dollars flushed down the toilet, and whether or not it is a legitimate war, or whether or not they have a clear mission there doesn't really matter. Because, (no matter how they spin it or what they tell you), it's "always all about the money." (It would seem). So, I guess, it's like: let the propaganda (and insanity) continue; while our country and its people languish, and our nation's debt continues to spiral out of control! We have to change our paradigm, man. I mean, eventually it becomes like a 'bad karma', that sort of effects us all in someway, when you really think about it. I'm just too honest, I guess...

Health Insurance Co Pres. Fired - Why?

Here we go! This is why we at least needed a Public Option, that most people from the radical-right (many armed with guns strapped to their waist and tea bags hanging from their heads) were screaming against, threatening to lynch the politicians who fought for it, at those town hall meetings; And complaining that National/Universal Health Care would be socialised medicine, that nobody should want. And that they did not want the government to mess with their health care. Remember that? Now, that they have seemed to get what they said they wanted, everybody's health insurance rates (including their own) are inevitably going to continue to go-up! Note: With all these things said, I still think there are some good things in the Health Care Reform bill that was just recently signed into law. Such as the fact that health insurance companies will no longer be able to deny people coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions, etc. But on the down side, this law and provision really doesn't go into effect until something like 2014! If more Progressive Democrats retain their seats, increase in numbers, and have their way, I am somewhat hopeful myself however, that they may very well try to improve on this first step towards real reform, that I believe at least some of them (who are sincere individuals, like Alan Grayson and Dennis Kucinich) had to bite the bullet on...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Obama Versus The Left

For whatever it's worth, I totally agree with Michael Moore's comments regarding his interview here with Keith Olbermann. Pres. Obama should stick to his base, and the principles that he originally campaigned on in the first place, and not cave to the far-right. It makes him come across as in-sincere, and provides his enemies (who seem to be many on the radical right) with allot of ammunition for their negative attacks, cynicism, and criticism of him, ironically. And definitely doesn't help the chances for the democrats to continue to hold the house in the fall. Which was the clear mandate that they were givin' from the American people in 2008; And was based (in part) on Obama's original campaign promises, of "change we can believe in"! I also have to be honest, along with most other Progressive Democrats, is that I was completely taken aback, shocked, and very disappointed by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs statements, and not only think he was way out of line, but may have even done some damage to the party itself; And really hope Pres. Obama distances himself in some way from those remarks, which were quite striking, to say the least...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'd Be There - Music/Picture Video

Just to catch-up a little, being that I am starting to work on my blog again;
I would like to post my own most recent music video from YouTube here, as well. It's a video inspired by the music of the first track from, 'The Walkersville Sessions-Demos of Significance' album. If interested in downloading the song, the entire album, or puchasing the CD itself, for that matter; You can do that directly, from my official online distributor of the album: CD Baby.

I'm Voting Republican

I think this satirical video message is brilliantly done. I still believe in the words of Abraham Lincoln though, that: "a house divided against itself, cannot stand."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is It A Crime To Video Tape Cops?

Maryland is really something, man! If a police officer is allowed to video tape a citizen who is being pulled-over or arrested, I definitely believe the public should be able to video tape that cop, as well. (To keep them honest). Or we are living in a police state. (Excuse the pun). Common sense should tell one, that a public official, like a police officer, objecting to being video taped (or even becoming angry about it) must have something to hide, and is very suspicious in itself; There would then be nothing to prevent that officer from therefore abusing their authority to do whatever they want, just because they wear a badge. We all know of the abuses by certain bad cops caught on video tape in the past, that helped the victim and protected the public, by getting those cops off the streets, for example. It should never, ever be a one-way street, in my strong opinion. Scary stuff! But unfortunately, it seems to be happening. Let's hope this case is thrown-out of court, because it is an outrage, and a farce. And would not only set an incredibly bad precedent, but would also be an erosion of the civil rights of all citizens...