Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Big B*lls of Dick Cheney. Of course!!!

You know, I said to myself that I was definitely not going to blog about this, (being someone who I guarantee they know that I know the real truth behind 9/11 and the Iraq war), because I know it is kind of like what these criminals want.
As, I also know, that they sort of like get-off on it, and really did not want to give these knuckleheads any attention, or satisfaction, to make them think they are bothering or annoying me. But, never-the-less, here goes...
I guess, many know about the sh*t that Cheney has been talking about as of late, in the news and all, regarding his criticism of Obama and Iraq. Of course. Obama and Pelosi took the prosecution of these guys off the table! End of story. Basically, what Obama and Pelosi were saying, for whatever reason, is that in reality, they really did not give a sh*t! And so, Cheney for example, in his own psychotic sort of way, is livid! He knows he deserves to be prosecuted. So, with all due respect to President Obama, he sort of brought it on himself. And, these guys know it. It's all bullsh*t. In fact, Cheney is now considered a freakin' war criminal (and rightly so) in about a dozen countries outside the United States. In other words, if he steps one foot on their soil, they will arrest his ass!!! Something, that many of our pathetic leaders should have done a long time ago.
So, of course he's talking sh*t, and thumbing his nose at the president.
I mean, deliberately attempting to come across as a psychopath and a criminal? What is up with that? And, with all due respect, I always kinda' wondered about Bush and Rumsfeld, myself, (and certain other individuals within the administration, to be totally honest).
They look at Obama as a weak president. And, with all due respect once again, they unfortunately may very well be right. But, definitely not in the way that they try to portray it; Because, Obama and Pelosi, and the full Democratically controlled Senate and Congress at the time, should have prosecuted their ass, like the majority of the American people who voted them into power (including myself) wanted them to do, with Obama at the lead. Just like those of us who voted for them, wanted Single-Payer, National Health Care, like most of the other civilized, industrial countries, that the President should have also taken the lead and insisted on, like he had promised when he ran for President in the first place.
So, now the mainstream news media is playing-up this phony, ridiculous, hard on the ears, Obama is weak on Iraq story to the hilt. Of course! Once again. This is the sorry state of our country right now. Of course. It's part of the law of nature. That's why you have all this senseless violence and all. Look at those who are supposed to be our role models. Are you kiddin' me? You know, I am not even particularly very religous and all, but there is a very interesting, wise, and insightful passage in the Book of Proverbs that goes: "To show partiality in judgement is not good. He who says to the wicked man, 'You are just'-men will curse him, people will denounce him; But those who convict the evil doer will fare well, and on them will come the blessing of prosperity." -Prov. 24: 23-25
And these guys particularly, are "denouncing" Obama now. Wow. Incredible stuff...

Great article here, in relation to the recent events in the news regarding Dick Cheney and the Iraq war. A definite must read... - Writing Dick Cheney's Obituary

And by the way, is it me, or does Dick Cheney remind anyone else of "The Penguin", from the Batman series? Slap one of those tiparillo cigars in the side of his mouth while he's talking sh*t and wallah, you got the Penguin!!! Right? I mean, he even kinda' talks like im', doesn't he? "Yea, Obama should be impeached. He's a weak president. We should have thrown more bystanders in Guantanimo and continue to hold them indefinitely. They don't deserve a fair trial. After all, they're terrorists. We should continue to keep them from their families and loved ones, without any recourse. I really enjoyed watching those suckers drown while they were being water boarded. Yea, that's the ticket. Obama's a weak president for not lining them all up and shooting them right now, so nobody can hear their real story, I mean, so we don't look like a weak nation. Yea, that's the ticket. So we don't look weak. Prosecute me if you can, you bunch of pathetic morons!!!"
I also just want to mention here, because I know how these characters (and those who are connected to them) think; is that, I just want to make clear, that I am not promoting any kind of violence at all against any one of these knuckleheads. They should get a fair trial like anyone else. Although, I doubt very much that will ever happen. Unless, one of them happens to enter one of the countries that has them wanted for war crimes. Ooops...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"INTO THE WEST" - Annie Lennox

Song from the soundtrack (and ending credits) to the movie based on JRR Tolkein's: "Lord of The Rings-Return of The King"; that I just happened to watch again on TV.
Brings back memories already. Like where I was at that time in my life when I first watched it, bought and watched the DVD, listened to the CD soundtrack, etc.