Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why President Obama Helped CREATE President Trump

Yea, I unfortunately have to say, that I strongly believe myself, (and in all fairness, not-withstanding all the far-right Republican obstructionism), that Obama (and things like the disaster that eventually became Obama Care, and his bone-headed support for the TPP) played a larger role in Trump getting elected, (and by the way, too much disingenuous focus by too many within the Democratic Party on the wrong issues), is what eventually ENSURED Donald Trump's election as president, then you are ever going to hear from most of the pundits (and Democratic politicians) within the mainstream media...
Also, the phony "Russia was trying to influence the election" bullshit, (see my Oct 15th, 2016 post), DEFINITELY didn't help! Among other things. Some of which are reported here in this video...
I have to say though, the thing about Obama putting the DNC in debt, (as probably was the case with most other people), is something I didn't know myself. But still, (as much of a shocker that it is in itself, if true), is kinda' no surprise as well...
In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, it would seem that the (establishment) Democrats just TOTALLY fu**ed-up (big time) on just too many things for too long now;
so much so, that the Republicans (and still many of them very extreme mind you), have now, pretty much taken over all three branches of the government. And the fact, that it was during a presidential election, in electing a new president, (from what I understand),
hasn't happened in something like 100 years!
And with all due respect, President Obama, is pretty much just bought and sold like most of the rest of them. And that's why, we have the mess we have. And that's why, his presidential campaign slogan: "Change we can believe in!" really just turned-out to be like a (kinda' sociopath type of) mockery. And people were REALLY pissed!!! So they elected Trump! Because, many just saw Hilary Clinton as part of that same ole' disingenuous, fu**ed-up establishment, who was just going to continue the same policies, (like a broken Obama Care for instance), of that same ole', same ole', disingenuous president, who kinda' just fu**ed them in the end! And the Republicans knew this, and cashed in on it...
With all these things said, there is a VERY interesting (and VERY wise) quote from Thomas Jefferson, which I think is very relevant here. And it goes like this:
"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; 
every other correction is either useless or a new evil." 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Moody Blues - December Snow & A Beautiful Holiday Poem

A Cold Home On A Bright And Snowy Street

I had a home with all the delights
one could have on Thanksgiving
and Christmas Day: what do I miss
on these beautiful and memorable days?
The tight hugs of family members; 
the smell of a roasting turkey,
and the barking of the dog welcoming
guests with breath steaming, carrying
eye-tempting pumpkin pies
that chubby Brian craved before napping!

I had everything any man could wish for comfort:
an ample house and dreams to live for;
children who ran wild and played music,
Jane who loved to sing jumping on the carpet.
I listened and learned how to write a lyric
for all of my darlings to sing around the hot log...
while all the frosted windows started to fog!
Is anyone looking for me to stop my shiver?

A cold home on a bright and snowy street,
freezes the Yule images in the dreamy mind;
hot stuffing that steams like cymnies at midnight;
peacan pies that Mary used to bake with happy beat....
only Dusky, the hungry dog, made a growling sound!
                                                      -Andrew Crisci