Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All In With Chris Hayes - The school year is officially cancelled in one Michigan town...

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Once again, this is why the whole austerity thing is a bunch of nonsense!
Every single state in the nation has a "RAINY DAY FUND". End of story. This is a big one. Because, there are literally billions, if not trillions of dollars combined, in all the rainy day funds throughout the country. So, what the heck is going on here? And, except for a few decent people, nobody seems to be credibly investigating this, on a large scale.
It's absolutely incredible. Why are they seemingly sitting on all this money? Is it some kind of massive cover-up? Damn well, seems like it. But why? This is a potentially huge (yet little known) news story. Yet, nobody seems to care. Or, pay any attention to it.
At least not right now, anyway...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Afterlife Investigations

Absolutely incredible and fascinating documentary, worth watching, for anyone with an open mind.
With that said, I think one still has to be very careful regarding anything dealing with the supernatural.
For instance. I definately would not recommend anyone experimenting with a Ouji board, for example.
Like anything else, one has to use common sense, and good judgement. Because, with most of these documentaries dealing with the afterlife, the supernatural, and the like, is that, they all too often fail to recognize, that there very well may be such a thing as "evil" on the other side, as well. For instance. Hitler himself, was into the paranormal; as well as, the occult. And was extremely evil. And deceitful. (A big part of the very nature of evil, and the demonic realm). And lucky for us, it may have even eventually destroyed him. Ironically. Because, there very well may be certain spiritual laws built-into the very fabric of the universe itself, that he violated. Like mass murder, for example! However, I think God may give a certain discernment, wisdom, guidance, and protection, to those whose heart is in the right place. The Bible itself, (the Christian Old Testament, in particular), gives some good examples of this. Such as, with the stories of Joseph and Daniel for instance. They had some very powerful spiritual gifts. Like, the interpretation of dreams, and being able to see into the future; As well as, a profound psychic insight, which gave them a deep understanding of things, and the like, that they used in a very positive way. And yet, what does it all mean, really? One thing I know for sure though, is that there usually is some kind of price to pay, for those who can see (and understand) things, that most other people cannot. Because, it can often make one a target, by some really deeply disturbed, and criminally-bent individuals. So, it is usually like a mixed blessing. (For instance, criminals who are schizophrenics, for example, often have that side of their brain working, but because they're schizophrenics to begin with, they are usually off in some way, because they are also more often then not, quite delusional. But, never-the less, they can sometimes pick-up on those who are strongly psychic, and when they are extremely evil, they will also quite often target them in some way, because among other things, they are usually afraid that they will be exposed, if they have done something criminal for instance).
Fascinating subject though, whichever way you want to look at it. For sure. And, it could also very well be the reason why so many people down through the ages have used religion as a tool - to manipulate, control, and brainwash people, even into thinking, that what is white is really black, and what is black is really white, and in the same manner, if your a politician with extreme views and beholden to special interest money for instance, they will often try to convince their constituants that what is good (such as social justice and the like), is really bad. Because, it is quite possible that in reality, they are really just schizophrenics! (Without any concern for anyone else except themselves). And, it very well may be one of the reasons why they are so fascinated with religion to begin with, and/or the supernatural, and how (like snake oil salesmen) just see it as a means to an end.
But that is another topic...