Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Amazon Raking In Billions, Some Employees Relying On Food Stamps | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Surprising reporting on MSNBC. Just one more blog post (before I put this topic to rest) in this series on progressive, economic, philosophical, political, cultural and sociological related issues, that I think is very interesting, and very relevant to the times we are currently living, in more ways then one...

Does Vienna's Affordable Housing Model Prove Progressive Policies Right?...

How Fascism Works The Politics of Us vs Them

One man's particular interpretation of Fascism, for the most part based on past historical facts...

Beyond the Voice of the People : The Far Right Fundamentalist "Family"

Interesting follow-up to the previous blog post - I mean, talk about the ultimate distortion, aberration, and corruption of Christianity (or Judeo Christianity), this is it!
(Oh, yea). With the essential tenants of its teachings taught by Hitler and promoted by the Nazi Party, from what I understand. In fact, I remember first hearing this story some years ago on 'The Rachel Maddow Show' back in Maryland, and then buying the book. And this is also a big reason why so many people are understandably turned off to Religion. However, this is more like an evil cult for the Elite of the Religious Right.
Sad man. Ya know, it's funny, not particularly very religious myself (except as a very young adult) I do remember a quote (like a scathing rebuke) from the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) that goes something like this: "Because of you, I am despised among the nations." Interesting. When we don't learn from history, it just repeats itself. Sad...

Monday, July 23, 2018


This seems to be a very credible and seemingly very well researched and well done video in relation to some of what is considered to be among the most famous haunted houses in the world...
I also found the narrators reporting and commentary on the well known Amityville Horror House to be surprisingly interesting as well, for several reasons, including the fact that many people believe the Lutz family's story and book about their encounter there to be a hoax.
For whatever it's worth, I have to say, having lived on Long Island myself, only about maybe 10 miles away, in Lindenhurst much of my life, I will never forget an experience riding home in a friend's car from a painting job, either on or close by Ocean Avenue in Amityville one day, around the mid to late 90's decade. We had a couple of beers before leaving the work location and driving home, and were sorta' like joking around as we were driving past the house, when I kiddingly yelled out the window: "Get Out!"
(Which of course, was a well known scene in the movie about the place).
And ya know, I actually felt a presence there man, and got the distinct feeling that it heard me! I kid you not. The best I could describe it, was that it was some kind of entity that had a personality (sort of) but what REALLY surprised me, was that I immediately got the inner impression and psychic feeling that it was actually afraid of me! Believe it or not. (During my last few years living on Long Island, I did start to occasionally wear a blest Archangel Michael medal though, so I am not sure if that may have been the reason why, but don't remember if I was even wearing it on this particular day).
Being a sensible person by nature myself, I am not saying the house definitely is or is not haunted, (I mean, there were people living in the house during this period, although much more then that I do not know at this time), and that this feeling was maybe nothing more then just my imagination, but never-the-less, it WAS a real feeling man. So real, that I had pondered it from time to time over the years, especially for certain reasons I am not going to go into detail here, like when I happened to find myself in the same area in Maryland where the Feds had traced the source of the Anthrax Attacks during the events of 9/11 back in 2001 for instance! Which I thought was incredibly strange and bizarre, to say the least. But, enough said at this time...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lieberman's Plot To Stop Ocasio-Cortez Exposes "Unity" Sham

Yea, I totally agree with this commentary. Lieberman is like the poster child for everything that is wrong with the (Establishment) Democratic Party...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Alex Jones: 'Communist' Ocasio-Cortez Is 'Run By The Big Banks'

Yea, I think Alex Jones has a drinking problem. Big time! He's got all the characteristics, and warning signs. Wow. And if he's not careful, he's gonna' be headed for another defamation lawsuit. Shame, because irrational rants like this (that have absolutely no basis in fact) sorta' like discredits some of the other controversial issues he has reported on that does have merit, and just makes him look like one more delusional, unstable, self-aggrandizing, right wing nut job!
He's become his own worst enemy, and shoots himself in the foot EVERY TIME!
And ruins his own cause. (If he really has one, that is).
I personally, sincerely wish he wouldn't go down this path, because as I said, (despite some of the loony things he has come out with over the years) some of the other things he has unmasked, disclosed, and brought to light (especially towards the beginning of his career) ARE (in my strong opinion anyway) very compelling, and very important.
And should be credibly investigated. But I've seen this time and time again with these guys, and it just makes the U.S. look even more like one helluva strange country, unfortunately...

Media Buries Lead In Paul Manafort Case