Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Poll Showing Joe Biden Crushing Him

Here is a very interesting comment from a YouTube viewer regarding this commentary from Jordan Chariton, and my own response, that I thought was worth mentioning here, for whatever its worth...
"They are rigging the polls to manufacture the perception of Joe Biden's support so when they rig the voting machines for the outcome they want, people wont be asking as many questions and just accept the rigged results. This is why we need a movement RIGHT NOW to secure our elections." -Definitely Human

"Yea, it's funny you should mention that, Definitely Human. Unfortunately, that has been my sense all along. I also get the strong feeling, that individuals within 'The Deep State', the Status Quo, and the Establishment, for instance, absolutely hate Senator Sanders, because he is not bought, like most of them, and speaks out so strongly in favor of the working, middle class; and the poor, for that matter. Ironically, when you listen to Sanders talk, it's almost like listening to Jesus. I mean, think about it. Jesus angrily expelled the money changers from the temple, supported the disenfranchised and the downtroden, was for peace, and against injustice, etc. But yea, VERY serious matter. If they rig the voting machines, as was the strong indication that was the case during the re-election of George W. Bush, for example, we got problems. And you can pretty much kiss our democracy goodbye. With all due respect, I just hope Senator Sanders is smart enough to realize, that this is definitely not outside the realm of possibility, and takes the necessary steps, and possible legal action, to prevent that from happening; because he is undeniably coming against some pretty powerful and corrupt opposition forces, who unquestionably do not want to see him become president. That goes, for maybe a couple of other progressive candidates who are in the race as well..." -Vito Masilotti