Tuesday, October 16, 2018

NONE Of This Makes Sense.. (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019)

Yea, the Travis Walton story is kinda' hard to refute, if you ask me. Just sayin' man.
I mean, it's something that really did happen, and pretty credible. (I saw the movie, which was based on the real life story - that was actually in the local news and all).
I mean, while Walton was missing, his friends all took lie detector tests and passed!
I don't get it myself, but it definitely seemed like something happened. Personally, I think maybe the paranormal, extraterrestrial events, and the supernatural, are all kinda' related in some way, because there also seems to be certain religious or spiritual events that are kind of equally unexplainable. The little known Lady of Garabandal story for instance, is kind of another mystery. Saw the movie of the actual apparitions when I was a kid back in Lindenhurst, Long Island, and still cannot entirely figure it out till this day. And I'm pretty smart, and a sensible person by nature, but it would seem to me, especially at the time it was made, that it would be pretty hard to fake. And there are other similar stories, but that's a big one, because they actually got it on film!
Oh well, life is a freakin' mystery to begin with man. I can't explain how this world exists to begin with, can you? I mean, I'm no fanatical, conservative "creationist," but that this world evolved to what it is now from some big bang nuclear explosion billions of years ago, doesn't seem to hold water for me either. I think it kinda' takes even more faith to believe that, in a way. Just sayin'...

Case in point...

Granted, this is like strict, fundamentalist Catholicism at its core. Because, what I find somewhat curious, (for lack of a better word) is that in the apparitions, when the alleged "lady" supposedly talks to the girls about people having to "make many sacrifices and do much penance, and amend their lives" for instance, it seems she does not mention the fact, that this should apply first to those who hold positions of power (especially those who may also be extremely corrupt) and who already are very rich in this worlds goods, but who selfishly enact laws for their own benefit, even to to the detriment of others for example; and according to the teachings of Jesus himself, are therefore held to a stricter account and judgement. (Sorta like the saying: "Ya' can't fool God right?")
I mean, as we all know, there is already way too much suffering in this world. Especially among the poor. Although, she does seem to mention that people "must first lead good lives." And also, the thing about "a great chastisement" in my opinion would sort of like appeal to crazy, fanatical individuals, who love violence and death, and want to see it all go up in flames anyway, to sorta' like either cover their tracks, or are just lunatics!
So, there are allot of questions regarding this story, in more ways then one to begin with. Not to even mention, some of the people around some of her prophesies have already died. And if you know the Bible, you know there is something in there about not listening to someone who speaks a prophesy in God's name that does not come to pass. So, could the unexplained phenomenon in the vision be sorta' like paranormal, or even demonic in a way? (With some hints of truth in it?) Not sure at this time...
One thing however, that I found VERY interesting, was that the lady in the apparitions seemed to mention something about the pedophile priest scandal within the Catholic Church. Almost like a prophecy (or prediction) that shocked allot of people at the time, which we now know has been exposed in the news within the last decade or so. (Especially within the last few years). Her words were something to the effect that: "Many priests, bishops, and cardinals are on the road to perdition, and taking many souls with them." Wow! Interesting. I have to say, I remembered this myself, (from when I first saw the film back in Lindenhurst as a kid) when the whole pedophile priest scandal was first exposed some years ago already. Then I sorta' like did a google search investigation and came across this video, and some other videos like it.
One other VERY interesting thing that caught my attention, was that the lady supposedly also at one point during their conversation, talked to the girls about the fact that there IS life on other planets! And even explained to them the constellation where those planets exist! (But the girls said that they didn't remember what constellation she was referring to). That may be somewhat of a clue right there, if you know what I mean?
I have to say, regardless of what you think of this story, it at least gives allot of food for thought, one way or the other. I really don't get it myself though. Strange. But just thought it was at least worth mentioning here (in part, due to the topic of this particular blog post), for whatever its worth...