Saturday, May 27, 2023

2023 Peace and Freedom Rally - May 27, 2023

I post this second video here, as one of the speakers at the Peace and Freedom rally (around 1:20 into the video) surprisingly mentions this REALLY interesting (yet, really disturbing) segment from a recent 60 Minutes episode, that I just happened to also inadvertently see. (As many, including myself, were already aware of it to a certain extent). Thought it was at least worth saving somewhere, as it is another mind blower. (No pun intended). As far as everything else, the words of the philosopher who said this comes to mind: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Disclaimer: I have to say, that I do think that Gerald Celente's T-Shirt he has sort of like promoted here is a little over the top, and is not something that I would wear myself. (Nor would I necessarily condone it). Doesn't do anything for the legitimacy of his message, in my opinion anyway. (And may be just one example of why he sometimes gets in trouble). I think he should tone it down a bit. But that's his particular personality type. He's a little over the top to begin with, and just the way he is: A little eccentric. 
And therefore, his way of expressing his feelings and conviction about things, may (understandably) turn off some people, like myself. Still, overall, a great rally. (For the most part anyway). Definitely, one of the best he has put out there, for sure...
It also may be worth noting, that (as in the case of Alex Jones for instance) I believe that at least some of Celente's anger towards politicians and the establishment (in general) is personal, and in relation to a very negative experience I can remember him talking about some time ago already, that I am not going to get into here...

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!

Yea, I'm kinda' neutral on this (as I didn't necessarily agree with everything Tucker said myself, and there may have even been other reasons why Murdoch took the action he did that he may not be saying, including the timing of it all) but allot of VERY interesting points, never-the-less, made here (which many others are saying as well) including the fact, that Tucker Carlson's show was the most popular news show not only on FOX, but of any major cable news network, period! That is a fact, no matter what you think about the guy; and here (I strongly believe) are at least some of the reasons as to why... Definitely, a HUGE (and even a somewhat historical) move by the network. 
Caught allot of people by surprise, for sure...

Saturday, January 28, 2023

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - The TRAGIC Execution Of Czesława Kwoka - The Girl Of Auschwitz

Czeslawa Kwoka
(May you Rest In Peace)

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day actually falls on Jan. 27th. (So I'm one day late for this post). But I was so moved by this story (from a post I saw on Twitter) that I just had to share it here, and in honor of this poor girl's memory. Yea, Hitler and the Nazis were an evil regime for sure. So evil, they were most likely even demonic, in my strong opinion anyway. If THEY weren't under demonic influence, then there is no such thing. (And remember, Adolph Hitler and his followers actually believed that Hitler himself was chosen by God! They were that insane. In fact, they were actually the Conservative party, on STEROIDS! NOT a socialist party, in the true sense of the term). In my opinion, the Nazi Party (and doctrine) itself was (and is) demonic. You could write a whole treatise on their psychology... 
In fact (unfortunately) I see many of these same disturbing traits in the extremist 
(far-right) faction (and ideology) of the Republican/Conservative Party, for one, I regret to say; and some, whom I even consider to be EXTREMELY dangerous (and deeply sociopathic) personality types. (Although, I do understand that the Democratic Party has issues as well, but I'm not even going to go there. That's how well I know certain types of human psychology myself). Just sayin'...

Yea, Josef Mengele was a particularly vile, cruel, sick, and sadistic human being (within the Nazi Regime). I remember reading a book (in a educated old friend's library) many years ago already, that (among some of the other atrocities mentioned in this video) he would also sometimes experiment on pregnant women, by tying their legs as they were giving birth! He was a freakin' monster. (As most of them were). So, I (and for my own reasons) definitely understand (not withstanding the fact, that there is basically good and bad in every nationality) as to why the Jewish people in particular are so zealous about remembering the Holocaust, and as to why they put aside at least several days every year, to commemorate this horrific time in their history. (As it makes me myself, almost ashamed to be a member of the human race). It should NEVER be forgotten...

"Funny. I’ve been telling people about this since I learned it ten years ago. The funny part is I’m accused of being a conspiracy theorist along with the fact that no one believes me. Sad that people would rather attempt to prove someone wrong instead of doing homework and looking into it themselves. But that would take effort and time." 
-Jimmy Grail (YouTube Viewer).

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Memorial for Lisa Marie Presley...

Rest in Peace, Lisa...

"This is One of the Most Beautiful Memorial Services that I have ever seen! The special fond memories of Lisa Marie were So Heartwarming! The Gospel Singers ushered in the presence of God! After the singing it felt like angels were surrounding the place with the Peace of God!" -Andrea Swanson (YouTube Viewer on The Independent channel).

"A great and haunting song...Elvis outdoes himself with this song! I met Elvis in a gas station in Memphis in July 1975...we talked for 35 minutes while his friends tried to get his Cadillac started.  what a fantastic, funny, humble and friendly man. We talked about cars, movies, motorcycles and, of course, music. I will NEVER forget that 35 minutes." -1JUSTGOTLUCKY1 (YouTube Viewer).

"He always sang from his soul. There’s never been anyone like him..." -Peter Reid (YouTube Viewer).

Monday, October 31, 2022

The Mysterious Origin of Halloween

"Just in case no one has told you lately, I'm proud of you. For moving through the mess no matter how hard it is at times. For building resilience and strength every single time you get back up after a long and treacherous fall. For getting up every day despite the heaviness that has settled into your heart. For having the courage to persevere through the storm. For holding on to the hope that something better is awaiting you on the other side of the mountain. For continuing to cradle that hope when everything around you is unknown. That takes strength, bravery, courage, and that is something worth being proud of." -Aakkii (YouTube Viewer).