Monday, January 7, 2019

Conservatives In Complete MELTDOWN Over Rashida Tlaib

Here is my own comment (and opinion) to this great video commentary on YouTube...

"The Democratic Party DEFINITELY needs somebody in there with balls, for all the right reasons. 
I really dug the article in 'The Nation' that showed the excellent brief that Rashida Tlaib wrote, which sorta' like lends some rationality to the reason she used the language she did when she spoke to her supporters, that brought the whole thing home, to make a point, that now with the government shutdown and all, and all the pain the President is deliberately causing allot of people and the country for instance, there is at least now more then ever before, a reason (with all due respect to the President) that the impeachment language in that context definitely makes sense, and goes beyond political party and affiliation, because it goes to the reality of the actual damage he is causing the country, and how he has now more then ever proven that he is really unfit to be President, and (trying to use my own language carefully here) has arguably at least, become an actual danger to the country. And in that light, I myself loved that she put it the way that she did to her constituents, where she is pretty much saying: "hey, what more proof do you need that we got to (eventually at least) impeach this monster?!" I mean, I get it. Just my two cents here. Just sayin' - that I really dug her comment myself. Sad that the country has actually come to this point though, of course, and really quite scary, because we are really like on the verge of a constitutional crisis, it would seem to me; and that we really need (now more then ever) for people in Congress (who are not beholden to any special interests for instance) who have the balls to rise to the occasion and do the right thing, for the sake of the country, or we are not going to survive very long as a viable, stable, and free nation..."

This could very well, really be the reason why all this is (currently) happening.
It's nothing more then a robbery. Think about it. Move over, Guatemala! Oh, the irony...

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